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High Pressure Containment and Logging.

Project Description

Xilix Systems has extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of low to ultra-high pressure testing systems. Our pressure testing cells have ranged from 1000psi hydrostatic test rigs all the way up to 65,000psi systems for pre-stressing components (Autofrettage – Xilix Systems can design a very simple manually operated system or a completely automated process control and data logging system. Our control systems can handle but are not limited to: Hydrostatic testing, leak down testing, pressure decay measurements, pressure ramping, and multi-step testing. When dealing with extremely high pressures, it is often necessary to install containment chambers to enclose the test fixtures. As part of our pressure test systems, Xilix Systems has built chambers as large as 50ft x 16ft x 12ft using 1.25” plate steel. We have also built containment chambers using 1” plate steel with sand filled walls. We have a broad range of pressure sources available to us, and will design a system to fit your exact specification.


Pressure Test Flyer

Project Details

  • Date April 20, 2013
  • Tags High Pressure, Oil And Gas

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