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About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

Who We Are?

Xilix Systems is an integration, automation, and machine design company based out of Austin, Texas that focuses on providing services to update and improve existing machines and processes as well as develop new process equipment. Xilix is comprised of a collection of electrical and mechanical engineers with an extensive background in multiple industries that include: machine tools, nano-technology, nuclear power, semiconductor, oil and gas, food and beverage, packaging and medical. It is this diverse expertise that allows us to draw on many disciplines to tailor the most efficient and cost effective solution to a customer’s need. Using the latest in hardware and software, Xilix Systems will improve your up- time, process, and performance. 

Our Focus

OEM Equipment Design 90%
Manufacturing 45%
Engineering 70%

Meet the Team

With over 30 years of engineering and design experience the founders of Xilix Systems LLC are fully capable of developing products for any industry.

Bob Klosinski

co-founder software development

15 years of experience programming in all IEC-61131 languages and a background in C++ and .NET Languages

Shawn Quick

co-founder mechanical design

Nearly 20 years of Equipment Design from OEM, Oil and Gas, and Packaging/Food Industry

Jeremy Waters

co-founder electrical design

Starting with Linear Motors, Jeremy has developed a strong background in the Machine Tools industry and High Tech arena for the past 12 years

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