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Conveyor Waterjet Food Slicer.

High Volume Food Cutting

Project Description

Xilix Systems LLC along with our partner KMT Waterjet provided a customer with a demonstration of our capabilities in slicing various types of produce.The video demonstrates some of the advantages of using waterjet technologies over physical blades including non contact cutting and the speed of cutting. One of the demonstrations ran a line speed of 200 inches per minute with cut results just as good as any other speed we tried. Plug in some very conservative estimates of six inch wide product weighing just one pound each, and some quick math yields 400 heads or 400 pounds of product per minute. Keeping the conveyors full, that comes out to a mind boggling 24,000 pounds per hour. Imagine replacing ten conventional increment slicers with a single machine. Add to that the benefit of no blades to sharpen, replace, or cross contaminate your product; and it’s hard to justify not investing in waterjet technology. Give us a call for a personal demonstration so you can see this amazing technology first hand. We will tailor a machine to fit your exact needs.  Click here, to see some examples of the cut quality we can achieve.

Project Details

  • Date April 20, 2013
  • Tags Food

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