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High Pressure Burst Testing.

Data Logging and Safe Containment

Project Description

Xilix Systems recently designed a pressure test system for a company that manufactures stainless steel tubing.  As part of quality control procedures, this company tests a sample from each tubing batch to ensure it meets proper burst pressure specifications. Faced with the challenge of developing test pressures in excess of 40,000 psi, the natural selection for the pressure source was KMT, and for this application we chose the SLV-30 intensifier unit.  We designed a vessel in which to perform the actual tests, and integrated it with a custom touch screen operator interface console.  Using custom automation controls we are able to safely increase and maintain system pressure.  The accuracy of the controls allows the system to output exact burst pressure reading which is extremely important for quality control.  We have the expertise to create uniquely designed solutions for a variety of customers, so when you’re looking for a creative solution, think of Xilix!

Project Details

  • Date April 20, 2013
  • Tags High Pressure, Oil And Gas

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